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Transport Services


Pick-up and delivery within 24 hours, primarily for shipments within the Greater Montreal Area: Island of Montreal, Laval, Lower Laurentians and South Shore (within 25 km of the bridges).

Use this service:
When your shipment is not urgent,next-day delivery at the latest fully meets your needs.


Urgent service is for shipments that need to be delivered ASAP anywhere in Quebec, Ontario or the Maritimes. Just one phone call and we'll be on our way! We will keep you updated all along the way and will confirm delivery as soon as it is complete.

Use this service:
When your shipment needs to arrive at its destination as soon as possible! It's just the cost of doing business.

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We can pick up all of your mail items directly at the post office and deliver them to you early in the morning. This will save you time accessing your mail, your cheques and anything else that may be important to you!

We can also pick up all of your outgoing mail items at the end of the day for immediate delivery to the post office, regardless of the kind of mailing (regular post, priority, registered, etc.).


Preferred rates are given to clients who sign a transportation contract with Transport Neveu Inc. If you have recurring daily, weekly, monthly or other planned transportation needs, call us for more information!

Furthermore, all our professional drivers are bilingual and are Dangerous Good Certified.
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